The Doctoral Programme of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Hungarian University of Fine Art, Doctoral School

General information

The subject of the doctorate training program is in the field of fine art, including painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, intermedia, as well as stage and costume design, and restoration. The objective of the doctorate program is to obtain a Doctor of Liberal Arts degree.

The Hungarian Fine Arts University Doctoral School offers an 8 semester curriculum.

On completion of the first 2 years, they have to take a “complex exam” and in the next 3 years complete the final doctoral dissertation and art project in order to receive the DLA diploma.

The student’s supervisor follows the student‘s work, offering regular consultations. The students report on their artistic and research project every 6 months as well as an evaluation of the lecturing program in the Doctoral School.

Admissions criteria

The student must apply for a joint theoretical and practical program. The applicant has to have a portfolio about his or her artistic practise and obtained MA diploma. The applicants have to prove that they are confident enough in their artistic practise. The applicant also has to have an intermediate level language diploma. The applicant must select a doctoral research topic which is announced by the tutor/supervisor.

Basic structure of the programs

Lecturing program (mainly in Hungarian, occasionally in English)

Lecturing series provide theoretical issues and discursive approaches to main topics which could be common issues to all our students. The Doctoral School have a theme or topic in each semester with a main theoretical text and with an expert from that field. The purpose of the program is to put the artistic practice to a wider theoretical context. With this program the Doctoral School helps the students to define their research topic, develop critical attitude towards their artistic practice and research

Presentation exercise (mainly in Hungarian, occasionally in English)

During the presentation exercises each student presents his or her artistic activity from the beginning to the actual situation. The main purpose of the program is to develop the students’ presentation skill, to get to know each other artistic activity and research topics, to follow each other’s progress during the 4 years of doctorate studies.

Students’ lecture on their artistic and research project in the last semester

In every semester the students have to give a short lecture in front of their supervisor and the other students about their last semester’s activity.

Visiting exhibition, discussion with artists and the curators

The aim of the program is to follow the actual state of the contemporary art screen.

Organizing exhibitions for the students of the Doctoral School

In every one or two academic year the Doctoral School organizes exhibition for the students, occasionally in collaboration with international partners.

supervisor research topic
Bodóczky István Art and education (.pdf)
Bodóczky István Transdisciplinary issues, approaches in contemporary art (.pdf)
Csanádi Judit Visuality of Contemporary Performing Arts
Kicsiny Balázs The artwork as a chronometer
Kicsiny Balázs Határesetek módszertana
Kicsiny Balázs The methodology of art on the threshold
É. Kiss Piroska 'Site-specific Performance: a Mirror of the Community (.pdf)
KissPál Szabolcs Art, social justice and culture (.pdf)
Révész László An example of Contemporary Pictorial Narration (.pdf)
Sugár János Form-making Utopias
Varga Tünde Art, Institution, Critique
Varga Tünde The contemporary documentary and video art in the context of social and political criticism (.pdf)

Hungarian University of Fine Art
Doctoral SCHOOL
H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 69-71.

Dr. habil. Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák DLA Professor,
Head of the Doctoral School

Dr. Réka Szűcs DLA
Secretary of the Doctoral School
H-1063 Budapest, Kmety Gy. u. 27. Feszty-ház

+ 36 1 354 16 43

Eszter T. Láncos
Student Office Clerk, HUFA Doctoral School
Stipendium Hungaricum Coordinator at HUFA

Rules and Documents

Title Downloadable Applicable
1. Rules of the Doctoral School PDF 2016.10.12 -
   1/a. Doctoral Programme PDF 2016 -
   1/b. Credits of Semesters PDF 2016 -
   1/c. Application form RTF 2017 -