Michal Moravcik

the 'storing place' project reacts upon a situation, which is usual for art
academies in Central and Eastern Europe in particular; it
refers to the inflexibility, a sort of fustiness, of the academic system with
regard to problems, such as the rotation of pedagogues, the openness of the
structures worldwide, the fusing of opinions, etc. An object that could be regarded as a furniture piece, or a stand, is made according to the ground plan of the building of the Academy of
Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, more specifically, the where the studios and cabinets of
the professors are; the ground plan by its changed position (it stands on) happens to
be the structure in which the cabinets and studios are turned into just
a 'storing place'. Moreover, the metal construction is filled with a material
resembling asbestos, which is used in actual buildings even though it has been proved unhealthy... Thus the work creates a polemic platform on the topic: academic structure, openness, flexibility, etc... However, as a pattern, it can be widely applicable to any 'clerical'
(office-like) structure, which has been, up to this day - as concerning this
particular case - substituting much more appropriate and welcome models of
living, collaborative organisms.
(Michal Moravcik)