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Language of Instruction:  Hungarian
Course description:
The objective of the course is to familiarize students with the history of the technological media in general and with the historical images of the individual media in particular - both from the perspective of the history of technology, social presence and possible applications, as well as in the domestic and international literature. The topics listed below will determine the scope of the actual courses to be launched in the given semesters:
" History of the image before the age of art (H. Belting) - image and its functions
" The history of writing and printing (books and newspapers)
" The perspectives of perspective, from Brunelleschi to the present (J. White, H. Damisch, M. Kemp)
" From the camera obscura to photography
" The invention of photography
" Sources and narratives of photography (Gernsheim, Scharf, Newhall, Coe, Baier, Kemp)
" The history of image projection (The laterna magica and its mutations)
" Moving pictures: time, painting and the other arts
" Film before film
" Marey, Muybridge, Eakins, Anschütz
" The invention of film
" Science and art in the 18th and 19th centuries
" The predecessors and history of telephony and telegraphy
" The history of the spread of radio and television (Tivadar Puskas and the telephone news, Brecht on radio, visions of television: Senlecque, Paiva)
" Hungarian and universal cinema history
" Film histories and film collections - what are the sources of cinema history? (Liesegang, Zglinicki, Sadoul, Rhode, Gregor-Patalas, J. Wyer, etc.)
" The history of experimental cinema
" The emergence of the "new media"
" Video from Nam June Paik to the Piazza Virtuale
" The history of avant-garde television and networks
" Cultural history of computing and the impact of the computer on cultural transformations