Studio Practice

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Language of instruction: Hungarian

Course requirements : Identifying and solving specialist problems during studio work. In addition to a general knowledge about art history and art theory, through familiarity with the works of Hungarian and international artists that can be seen to parallel the works of the student.

Method of evaluation of coursework: Frequent monthly specialist supervision and evaluation (marking) each semester

Marking method: In basic training, group evaluation of exercises prescribed by the course programme (while tutors make recommendations for the specialist mark, the decision is shared).
In specialist training, the department faculty, with the help of the tutor, share the evaluation of the results of the student's self-designed individual specialist programme (while tutors make recommendations for the specialist mark, the decision is shared)
Diploma works are judged by the diploma evaluation committee.

Teaching methods: Owing to the unique composition of graphics, our printmaking specialist training offers students an extensive range of studies in an attempt to give them a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the field, which will prepare them for the defence of their diploma work at the end of their studies (within the framework of a years? program formualted after prior consultation).