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Art Theory Department

Timeline, examens and credits

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Language of instruction:  Hungarian

Course description:
This course aims to develop the student's drawing skills in the interest of achieving a higher standard in his/her professional work by applying the acquired theoretical background. The practical work is complemented by lectures with image projection. The student is then required to adapt the knowledge thus gained to specific assignment scenarios under continuous supervision. The main topics include: psychiatry in fine arts, anamorphosis, the cultural history of sill life, fine arts and theatre design of 19th and 20th century Russia, Chinese and Eastern painting, style studies with the help of North African mummy portraits from the 3rd through 5th centuries, creation of ancient "art" form in Hungary, the art of J.J. Grandville and the mediums, Vorello and perspective, Terratology, the crystal skull, Seurat's drawings, socialist realism and public statues, American naive art, Phrenology, Csontváry's method for creating imagery, etc.