Writing Skills and Competence







Timeline, examens and credits

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Language of instruction: Hungarian
Course requirements: intensive in-class participation; careful implementation of theoretical knowledge in texts of predetermined thematics; independent topic elaboration.
Method of assessing coursework: oral testing, evaluation of written work.
Marking method: mark is given in proportion to in-class work and the quality of individual assignments
Teaching methods: interactive teamwork, the laying of theoretical foundations, continuous supervision of texts.
Recommended study methods: based on the individual and the task at hand
Role of the course within the specialist training scheme: facilitation of social and professional communication; preparation for the writing of a pedagogical thesis; familiarisation with the problematic of creating text; studying the relationship between image and text.
Course description, major areas of study (per semester):
Semester 1: news-based genres of public writing (news, reporting, commentary, notes, gloss);
subjective genres of public writing (feuilletons, croquis, pamphlets)
Semester 2: interactive genres of public writing (interviews, debate, conference, roundtable discussion, report);
Critical-scholarly genres of public writing (review, essay, study)
Linguistic situation-specific exercises (object description, formulation of symbols and symbol systems, photo-stories, virtual oeuvre-creating) ? continuously during both semesters