Workshop Practice

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Language of instruction: Hungarian, English, German, Slovak
Course requirements: Subsequent semesters follow a cumulative sequence
Course requirements: Isolation and solution of problems of the speciality, which arise during workshop practice.
Method of evaluation of coursework: Students presents the results of their workshop practice at the beginning of the following semester.
Teaching methods: The course aims to stimulation individual interest in students and help them formulate their own views and ways of thinking: Furthermore, students are expected to gain a familiarity with attendant fields of art (literature, history of culture) to the widest extent possible. The course seeks to motivate students towards developing an interest in natural sciences and history, which are seen as connected to the field of printmaking in a wider sense.
Recommended study methods: consultation
Course description, major areas of study (per semester):
asic training: Collection and compositional elaboration of motifs, familiarisation with the cultural heritage of the given place. Painting exercises.
Specialist training:
Year 3: preparation of shared graphics folder in the studios of the University.
Year 4: preparation for diploma