Theatre and Shop Professional Practice






Timeline, examens and credits

1. year 2. year 3. year 4. year 5. year
1. semester / credit 2. semester / credit 3. semester / credit 4. semester / credit 5. semester / credit 6. semester / credit 7. semester / credit 8. semester / credit 9. semester / credit 10. semester / credit
60Gy 230Gy 130Gy 130Gy 130Gy 130Gy 130Gy 160Gy 2

Language of instruction: Hungarian
Course description:
The objective of the course is to introduce students to the practical processes of scenography and implementation. Furthermore the course seeks to deepen the student's familiarity with the means of expression within the realm of fine arts. Gaining practical experience in the field of scenography is also paramount: students will be familiarised with the stages of the most important Hungarian theatres, they will gain insight into the operation of stage, puppet and costume making studios, and will be required to develop basic manual skills.