Intellectual Property Law - Copyright Studies






Art Theory Department

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Nature of course: theoretical
- The concept of intellectual property
A disciplinary historical overview of the forms, types and boundaries (interdisciplinary relationships) of intellectual authorship (artistic, scientific, literary). Authorship is the subject of sociology, philosophy, axiology, aesthetics, ethics, and the disciplines of art history and legal studies.
- Protection of cultural heritage in international practice
The concept of protection, as set apart from the protection of copyright (patent rights, etc.) Dual property (property, cultural property) ? protection of artefacts, protection of historic monuments.
- Protection of intellectual property rights
The types of intellectual products under protection in present day European law. The concept of ?intellectual property.? Means of protection of literature, art, science, software and cognate areas by civil, copy-, and constitutional rights.
- personal rights
- property rights: intellectual property vs. property ? the limitations of copyright (licence legale)
- copyright of works of fine art, architecture, technical fields, applied art and artistic photographs - in practice
- The laws of licensing and other contracts
- Consequences of copyright violations, sanctions
Means of industrial property protection: industrial and utilisation design patent, trademark, protection of geographical product markings, know how. Proceedings of protection, licensing contracts.
Overview of inheritance law, taxation law, insurance law, financial law, social security law, criminal law and public administration as complex means of legal protection.
- Institutions
The sociology of design, implementation, reproduction in applied arts: author as employee, as co-author, as entrepreneur, etc.
Transporting artefacts abroad, foreign orders, employment for producing work of applied art
- International agreements: Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic
- Universal Copyright Convention Requirements of Professional Standard
- Recommendations of the European Union pertaining to copyrights.
Copyright law, the basic norms of the effective laws put in place for its enforcement, entering licensing agreements, application of legal conditions in professional practice of design.