field trips


2015/16 spring


Dunaújváros - guided tour by Tamás Kaszás


Kossuth Lajos square - guided tour by Zeidler Miklós 

Liberty square


2015/16 fall

field trip to Auróra // Auróra is a social enterprise which was created to connect cultural programs, civil and activist organizations work, community building and fun in an open communiy. We are committed to forming a stable base, where individuals, groups, non-profit organizations could meet, share their ideas and collaborate with each other on new initiatives.


2014/15 spring


guided tour at Müszi


2013/14 spring

Street Marking Tours - guided tour by Viktor Kotún and László Ruszty // Editors of Street Marking in Hungary will present you a virtual guided walk in a diachronic Budapest showing various aspects and layers of the city. Please, bring 1-3 pictures you took in the streets of Budapest! We are going to discuss them together and give you some hints for a better understanding.

Liberty square - guided tour by József Mélyi

The history of the Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) in the light of the past, recent and future public sculptures.The programmes of the square from the irredentism to the glorification of Red Army and to its recent political controversies. The history of the most beautiful square in Budapest. 


2013/14 fall


8th district tour by Attila Varga / Menhely Alapítvány

The Jewish district - BUPAP tour  by Anna Lénárd 

field trips to Jurányi Produkciós Ház


2012/13 fall


field trip to Dunaújváros - guided by Tamás Kaszás

Street Mark Scroll - Street art tour at Budapest (based on a long-term research project made by László Ruszty and Viktor Kótun), guide: László Ruszty

After doing a long-term research project, Viktor Kotun and I have compiled a visual collection of the presence of all kinds of local street art. We wanted to go beyond the categories of today’s popular street art books and create a new structure more suitable to the categories which define Hungarian street art. - László Ruszty,


2011/12 fall

field trip to Dunaújváros – guided tour by Tamás Kaszás, followed by the opening of the show ‘Heavy Industry’ at ICA-D (Institute for Contemporary Art Dunaújváros); to FKSE Studio of Young Hungarian Artists