The participants of the seminars
 Mapping the Local and Site Specific Interventions each semester organizes an exhibition in collaboration with the local art students (Intermedia Dpt.) and the students of the Art Theory Dpt. The shows are open to public in various venues of Budapest and receive technical support from the HUFA.


Mapping the Local - exhibition at Telep Gallery, 2015/16 spring

opening documentation is available here / event

group exhibition at Müszi, 2015/16 fall

Pretty Vacant - organized by Sarah-Joy Ford at Right Back! project gallery, 2013/14 spring

video-interview with the organizer at

Urban spaces are constatly in flux. Changing, growing, detoriorating as we (culture and society) move around them. Leaving in our wake a socio-political architectural debris within our cities. he abandoned and the vacant, he pieces that got left behind. Exhibition by 20+ international artists run by SEIZE International in conjunction with KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre and Lakatlan Budapest.



Basementality - in the basement of FKSE Studio Gallery, 2012/13 fall

Basementality is a collective exhibition of international and HUFA students. The exhibited artworks - subjective maps of the Hungarian art scene based on personal ideas and proposals for site-specific objects to be realised in Budapest based on existing landscape and structures - have been realised in the framework of the courses Mapping the Local and Site-Specific Interventions, supplemented by the individual artworks of other students. The show takes place in he basement of the FKSE Studio Gallery which space sets the works up/down to another level of reading.



Vendégjárás! / Guest walk - flat exhibition, 2011/12 spring

Vendégjárás is an exhibition by a collective of international and Hungarian students. It was a special exhibition experience, where the viewers were guided to the venues - each Erasmus student flats - by the participating artists, where the works were exhibited which they made during their stay in Budapest.

More informations and the documentation is available here:



Sausage - at Doctoral School / HUFA, curated by Fanny Rachel Harle,  2011/12 fall

pictures from the exhibition opening