Art Theory Department

The objective of the Art Theory Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is to complement students’ practical training in art, to facilitate the formulation of a perspective that is of academic standard, and to present and convey to students current theoretical views related to art. The courses offered by the department are developed in harmony with – and as a complement to – the work of the Art History Department; students receive instruction on theories and topics that fall outside the scope of the Art History curriculum.

The Art Theory Department operates on a twofold basis. On the one hand, it familiarizes students with the main types of education and schools of thought in Europe (and, in some instances, in other regions and continents), the cornerstones of processes of transformation, and the nature and structure of civilizational paradigm shifts. On the other hand, the courses of the Art Theory Department, offer insight into theoretical developments of the present day, as well key parallel tendencies and their relationship to the world and practice of art.

Department Staff:

László Domonkos

Teacher of Visual Arts

PhD Andor Wesselényi-Garay

Associate Professor

Dr. habil. Sándor Sólymos Ybl-award winner architect

Associate Professor, Head of Department