Walking in the city

2016/17 Fall semester

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The Fall semester of Mapping the Local focuses on walk as art and curatorial practices.
We will explore its cultural, social and art historical background and get to know the recent examples of the theme (exhibitions, art projects) and read theoretical texts related to walking as critical art practice. 

During the semester we investigate and research certain parts of the city with the usage of our feet, ears and eyes.

Group and individual works will be elaborated by the end of the course.

browse online Crossing The Paths
(e-publication documenting the projects)

Rebecca Solnit: The Shape of Walk in: Wanderlust 267-276

Michel de Certeau: Walking in the City in: The Practice of Everyday Life pp. 91-110

Frederic Gros: The Urban Flaneur in: The Philosophy of Walking pp. 175-181

Further links to research for walk related projects and artworks: ,,

Further suggested artists for research: Bruce Nauman, Vito Acconci, Elastic City, Janet Cardiff, Stanley Brown, John Nova Lomax, Esther Polak.


09.22.2016. 'Speed dating' event

09.29.2016. Introduction to the walking topic

1. Allan Siegel Marpping presentation 29 09.pdf
2. KissPal walking as a political act .ppt