Spaces of Uncertainty 
68 pages, 2015

book launch at held at Auróra

Twenty four students have worked together in small groups following the theme of the Spaces of Uncertainty during Spring semester 2015. The first phase of  Spaces of Uncertainty was realized in a form of an exhibition last December at the Barcsay Hall, HUFA.

The aim of the project was that students choose different ways of working together and gain experiences in exploring and representing the city and its inhabitants. The publication forms an artistic research project divided into chapters. Each group is allocated ten pages for applying visual materials (photos and drawings) and texts. The results could be considered as a visual diary about experiencing the city using this frame to introduce to the reader / viewer to the steps of collaborative processes from the beginning of a conceptual idea to the different aspects of its realisation. Within the Mapping the Local programme, the number and component of students have been changing every year; each semester different Hungarian students and international ones  - coming from art universities from all over the world -  join the course. The structure and methodology follows guidelines based on collaborative research and representational processes related to the city as a general theme.

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Crossing the Paths 
70 pages, 2016

launch of the publication at HUFA 

The aim of the recent project was for students to formulate different methods of working together and gain experiences in exploring and representing a previously defined area of city: its streets, buildings, squares and the everyday life of its inhabitants. The results of this process would be an online publication that includes the artistic research projects divided into chapters. The outcome could be consideres as a visual diary abou experiencing the city using the frame and to introduce the reader/viewer into the methodology of the collaborative process which led from a conceptual idea to the different aspects of its realisation.


Drifting Through Cityscapes
160 pages, 2018

Each semester the Mapping the Local course presents an overview of the major phenomena, trends and issues of contemporary art based on various subjects relating to urban space and its diverse realities; course projects are in the the form of presentations by invited lecturers, field trips, visits to cultural institutions and artist studios. One of the course’s main objectives is to develop personal contacts and cultural interactions  between local and visiting Erasmus students fostering an emerging intercultural dialogue.

During the semester, students work in groups in order to realise collaborative projects followed by a public presentation (the content and form of the final project is discussed and agreed upon during the seminar). The course is led by teachers from the Intermedia and Fine Art Theory and Curatorial Studies departments of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE).

This past Fall Mapping the Local was presented with a unique opportunity as it included teachers and students from the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (Slovenia) and University of Arts Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts (Serbia); these schools, along with MKE, are all part of CEEPUS and members of the ADRIART.CE network that includes eight schools from throughout Central Europe. In this expanded form variations of Mapping the Local also took place in Belgrade and Nova Gorica; they were embedded in the local teaching modules Book Design and New Media, drew upon characteristics of the local environment and took place in a time-condensed form.