fall semester


related events 

field trip / Street Mark Scroll - Street art tour at Budapest (based on a long-term research project made by László Ruszty and Viktor Kótun), guide: László Ruszty

After doing a long-term research project, Viktor Kotun and I have compiled a visual collection of the presence of all kinds of local street art. We wanted to go beyond the categories of today’s popular street art books and create a new structure more suitable to the categories which define Hungarian street art. - László Ruszty,

field trip / Dunaújváros, guide: Tamás Kaszás

guest lectures by Emese Kürti, Lilla Khoór, Miklós Erhardt

exhibition / Basementality, in the basement of FKSE Studio Gallery

Basementality is a collective exhibition of international and HUFA students. The exhibited artworks - subjective maps of the Hungarian art scene based on personal ideas and proposals for site-specific objects to be realised in Budapest based on existing landscape and structures - have been realised in the framework of the courses Mapping the Local and Site-Specific Interventions, supplemented by the individual artworks of other students. The show takes place in he basement of the FKSE Studio Gallery which space sets the works up/down to another level of reading.



Balma Rosas Beltran, Barnaföldi Anna, Csiszár Mátyás, Fodor Dániel János, Foitl Rebeka, Gergana Tabakova, Hegedűs Gábor Zoltán, Istvánko Beáta, Károly Eszter, Marsalkó Fruzsina, Ménesi Alice Luca, Michael Ainsworth, Mikulán Dávid, Molnár Ráhel Anna, Noelia Fernandez, Sós József, Szalipszki Judit Ilona, Tine Haugen, Zsámboki Miklós


spring semester _ art and activism

This semester emphasized on the interconnection of art and activism. During the course a special emphasis will be placed on the recent Hungarian cultural developments, in the form of seminars, presentations held by invited lecturers, field trips to museums, institutions and artist studios, excursions. The course primarily is targeting the Erasmus students and will be open at the same time to the students of the Intermedia and Curatorial Studies department. While offering an insight into the Hungarian contemporary art scene, one of the course’s main intentions is to foster personal contacts and cultural interactions between local and foreign students in the hope of an emerging intercultural dialogue.



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  • Studio / Archive / Discourses, FKSE Studio of Young Hungarian Artists, Budapest, 2009.


related events

guest lectures by Gwen Jones - Anti-Semitism in Hungary; Dániel Vékony - Muslim migration



Tönn Adermann, Anna Barnaföldi,  Andreas Beck , Matthew Catoe, Alexander Coco, Angéla Darvas, Sophia den Breems, Fruzsina Eskulits, János Dániel Fodor, Gábor Zoltán Hegedűs, Beáta Istvánko, Veronika Edit Kis, Henrique Loja Leandro, Ráhel Anna Molnár, Marie Ringerbach, József Sós, Anna Tüdős, Abigail Webster, Miklós Zsámboki

field trip to Dunaújváros - guided tour by Tamás Kaszás
field trip to Dunaújváros - guided tour by Tamás Kaszás
field trip to Dunaújváros - guided tour by Tamás Kaszás
Basementality, group exhibition at FKSE Studio Gallery
Basementality, group exhibition at FKSE Studio Gallery
Basementality, group exhibition at FKSE Studio Gallery