fall semester

related events

guest lectures by Judit Bodnár, Samu Szemerey

guest lecture by Tímea Junghaus, Gallery8: How an institution maps its surroundings and turns this into the profile of a gallery and cultural space

exhibition at Barcsay Hall / HUFA



  • Saskia Sassen: Making Public Interventions in Today’s Massive Cities, in:  / Static / London Consortium / November 2006
  • Doreen Massey: Aspatial globalisation in For Space pp. 81-89.
  • Michel de Certeau: Walking in the City in: The Practice of Everyday Life pp. 91-110.
  • Rebecca Solnit: The Shape of Walking: Wanderlust 267-276.
  • Frederic Gros: The Urban Flaneur in: The Phiosophy of Walking pp. 175-181.
  • Judit Bodnár: Constructing Difference. Western versus Non-Western, Capitalist versus Socialist Urban Logic, p. 13-34. In: Judit Bodnár: Fin-de-Millénaire Budapest, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2001.


spring semester


related events

guided tour at Müszi

lecture / course presentation at Auróra