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The Mapping the Local and Site Specific Interventions courses together with Transpraxis (Center for Art and Theory) organizes artist talks, presentations, workshops and field trips throughout the academic year in collaboration with renown local and international artists, curators and scholars.


Spaces of Uncertainty

Summer Academy, Stuttgart, 2016

The partners in the SPACES OF UNCERTAINTY project have initiated a ‘summer academy’ that will take place in Stuttgart, Germany hosted by the Württembergishce Kunstverein between the dates of September 05 and 15, 2016. The summer academy is the result of ongoing cooperation between the participating schools and represents an additional programme in the development of sustainable and collaborative teaching and learning processes linking students, teachers and curators from different locations in Europe.

The themes and interdisciplinary workshops of the summer academy focus on:
The "Mapping, Walking, Listening" performance module and the geographical representations of place - looking, listening and visualising observing and assembling material responsive to the specificities of time and place; imaginings of productive and robust disorientations of the familiar city.
Designing and conceptualising the virtual laboratory; configuring a transnational atlas of creative processes between teachers and students; identifying ways of collaboration; deep research into applicable VL concepts, existing platforms and new possibilities. Breaking the subscription based software habit; configuring the open source toolkit.
uncertainty as an artistic praxis
Precarity of the moment - photography and live media streaming as a component of performance; examining the visual and physical nature of the “unsupported” mark through the use of semi-redundant projection techniques and accessible materials. Unpacking the conditions of uncertainty and its horizons of experience; economic survival; leaps into the void of not-knowing and daily praxis.
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Exhibition and project presentation, 2015

In the framework of the Spaces of Uncertainty project series organised by the Intermedia and Art Theory and Curatorial Studies departments of MKE, the winter exhibition of Mapping the Local presents the idea of borders in terms of both their physical presence and abstract meanings.

Borders have existed throughout history but their proliferation in the last few decades as both symbolic and functional spatial elements are not only dividing states, but also social groups of along the lines of wealth, lifestyles and cultures, as well as ethnic and national identities. The exhibition explores theses social, political and cultural divisions and their relationships, forms of representation, in the realm of contemporary art.

Correspondences and Interventions, 2011-2014
Correspondences and Interventions is a three year project (2011-14) funded through the Erasmus Programme initiated by the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. It aims to improve the quality of teaching programmes and increase cooperation between the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the Kingston University in London, the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Forty students and twelve teachers meet during three Intensive Programmes, over a period of three years, to create and communicate.

The host of our first meeting, the 2011 Intensive Programme (November 20 – December 4 2011) was the Kingston University in London.


Group Research - Student Presentations, 2011-

Assignment: "Please download the chapter of the reader your group was assigned to. Read it and develop together with your croup a short presentation (maximum 10 minutes), which creatively interprets the texts. The form of presentation is up to your decision, but it should contain keywords and excerpts from the text combined with actual media images, or artworks which are dealing with similar questions."

The presentations are available here:  group 2 _ border crossings.ppt /// group 3 _ migration as event, immigration as survival.pdf /// group 1 _ walls and fences

Kincső Turai KET (HU), Doris Despot (Croatia), Ádám Takács FES (HU), Anna Farkas IM (HU), Bence Hajdu IM (HU)

Franziska Mückentaler (Germany), Begona Herrero (Spain), Fincziczki Katalin KET (HU), Korponovics Roland IM (HU), Szabó Nóra FES (HU), Nemes Nóra KET (HU)

Török Anita KET (HU), Susie Buchan ERASMUS (Scotland), Szilágyi Robin IM (HU), Honti Eszter Írisz KET (HU), Pezzuti Lara (Brazil), Dávid Mikulán IM (HU)

Ajna Bianka Maj KET (HU), Sandra Martin (Spain), Zoe Carlon ERASMUS (UK), Norbert Katona IM (HU), Enikő Ráczová IM (HU), Bernadett Tóth KET (HU)


Transpraxis / International Center for Art and Theory

The 'Transpraxis International Center for Art and Theory' is an initiative of teachers from within different departments at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.  

The objective of the Center is to promote and encourage practical and theoretical work, an artistic praxis, that draws upon the various artistic disciplines within the university as well as those which negotiate and spread across traditional frameworks; these extensive cross-disciplinary practices now constitute the broad spheres of international artistic activities. The activities of the Centre are international in scope and encourage cooperation and working relationships with other universities, centers of artistic activity and teachers who seek to expand the knowledge base, curatorial insights as well as the practical work encompassing an arts education and its various social and institutional spheres.

Throughout the year the Centre organises programmes and activities that include seminars, international workshops, lectures, and field trips. These are intended to broaden and enrich the learning experience of local and visiting students, the pedagogical development of the faculty and develop an international network of students, artists and educators engaged in broadening the inter-relationships between the various realms of culture and its progress.