Doctoral Program in English at the HUFA Doctoral School

September 24th, 2019

11.30-13.00: Selfie and self-surveillance
Dr. Ana Peraica curator, art critic lecture in English 
The appearance of historic self-portrait genre was closely tied to technology of production of mirrors. These small reflective glasses evolved from concave, over convex to finally become flat mirror, also determining the historic styles of self-portraiture. Among them, the oldest, concave one is still being used for the larger space surveillance.

Further development mirror-based technologies, photography is, has also initiated various portrait analysis, serving for the control of prisoners via ID cards, over sorting of such images in larger archives, in order to distinguish various layers of society according their wealth, race or gender.

Contemporary selfie phenomena is framed by both of these surveillance aspects; while form one side enhancing the user to see behind own back in the control-type of mirror, it is also providing an image that can be analysed and put in the database, where serving various purposes. Voluntarily produced, selfie becomes a genre of self-surveillance.

Dr Ana Peraica’s (HR) recent books include The Age of Total Images (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, in print), Fotografija kao dokaz (Multimedijalni institute, Zagreb, 2018), Culture of the Selfie (Institute of Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, 2017). Focus of her work falls in media arts, more precisely post-digital photography. She currently is visiting researcher at the Department for Image Science, Danube University Krems (AT) and visiting fellow at History department, Central European University in Budapest (HU).

13.00-14.00: Lunch Break

14.00-16.00: Year One Students introduce themselves to the community of the HUFA Doctoral School

Éva Bubla, Zsófi Erdős, Nándor Hevesi, Dávid Kovács, Kristóf Boldizsár Kovács, Dániel Máté, Dóra Eszter Molnár, Judit Lilla Molnár, Anna Nemes, Luca Oberfrank, Ferenc Szakács, Hajnalka Tulisz, Enkhtaivan, Md Nuruzzaman Khan, Vitor Augusto Bento Silva

At the beginning of each new academic year we ask Year One students to present three of their own art works to us all. This can be a reproduction or the original artwork (painting, installation, found object, but not moving image). Please select three sentences for each artwork, and you can read a text when presenting each artwork. These sentences can be your own text or a quote from another author.
Please take note that we ask each student to say no more and no less than three sentences associated to their three artwork’ images. After the presentation the audience can ask questions from the student.



Képzőművész-tanár levelező munkarendű mesterképzés, 2 félév

2019. October 16.

Doctoral Program in English at the HUFA Doctoral School

Az előadások helyszíne:MKE Doktori Iskola, Feszty-ház

2019. September 10.

MKE DLA képzés 2019/2020 őszi szemeszter

Az előadások helyszíne:MKE Doktori Iskola, Feszty-ház

2019. September 10.