Future places of knowledge sharing within art universities

Richárd Melykó: Knowledge 2200 (2021)
Richárd Melykó: Knowledge 2200 (2021)

A Block Seminar organized within the framework of the Mapping the Local course, of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts / 18-24 November 2021 in collaboration with: University of Arts in Belgrade, The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.
The block seminar is led by Szabolcs KissPál artist (Intermedia Dpt) Eszter Lázár curator (Art Theory & Curatorial Dpt), Allan Siegel artist (Intermedia Dpt.).
With the contribution of András Cséfalvay (SK), Olivera Batajic Sretenovic (SRB), Ferenc Gróf (FR), Nikola Knežević (SRB), Jonas Staal (NL).

An art university is a laboratory for research and analysis of cultural material; it is a place also for the formulation of artistic practices that consider a diversity of themes and means of representation. 

Like any laboratory, the art university evolves over time and takes into consideration new technologies, social conditions and the relationships between the art university as a community of knowledge and the larger society. How have these relationships evolved and what will they look like in the future in the year 2200.

The year 2021/22 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In the context of the anniversary, the block seminar will focus on the situation and practices of higher art education in the future.
How can we envision the future of art universities as important places for knowledge production and sharing? Are current pedagogical practices sustainable and can they contribute to the transformation of (traditional) art education methods? Will art universities be needed by 2200 and, if so, what would they be like?

MTL Block seminar Knowledge 2200 documentation (.pdf)

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