International Center for Art and Theory

The 'Transpraxis International Center for Art and Theory' is an initiative of teachers from within different departments at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.  

The objective of the Center is to promote and encourage practical and theoretical work, an artistic praxis, that draws upon the various artistic disciplines within the university as well as those which negotiate and spread across traditional frameworks; these extensive cross-disciplinary practices now constitute the broad spheres of international artistic activities.

The activities of the Centre are international in scope and encourage cooperation and working relationships with other universities, centers of artistic activity and teachers who seek to expand the knowledge base, curatorial insights as well as the practical work encompassing an arts education and its various social and institutional spheres.

Throughout the year the Centre organises programmes and activities that include seminars, international workshops, lectures, and field trips. These are intended to broaden and enrich the learning experience of local and visiting students, the pedagogical development of the faculty and develop an international network of students, artists and educators engaged in broadening the inter-relationships between the various realms of culture and its progress.