Kürti Emese előadása

A Mapping the Local c. kurzus keretében

Kürti Emese előadása

The Happening as non-art and a political act

Coming from poetry, with no institutional frame or any relation to the traditional forms of art, Tamás Szentjóby (1944-) and Gábor Altorjay (1946-) organised and acted the first hungarian Happening, The Lunch – In memoriam Batu Khan in June 1966. This radical moment, the first demonstrative appereance of the avantgarde in the sixties, has its basis and roots in the activity of the concrete music composer and intuitive actionist, dr. László Végh. In my presentation, I shall discuss the first traces of the actionism leading to Happening (as the metaphor of cultural enemy of the secret police), and those consequences of this anti-art form, which deconstructed the monolithic artistical system of the communist apparatus.  

Időpont: 2012. november 15., csütörtök, 16:00
Helyszín: Intermédia, földszinti előadó
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