2016/17 spring

intervention - from moral to social

The course Mapping the Local presents an overview of the major phenomena, trends and issues of contemporary art based on various subjects in each semester; in the form of presentations held by invited lecturers and field trips to cultural institutions and different locations into the city the class examines and investigates the geographical, economical, cultural, or even commercial aspects of the city of Budapest and the region.
While offering an insight into the Hungarian contemporary cultural scene, one of the course's main objectives is to develop personal contacts and cultural interactions between local and visiting students fostering an emerging intercultural dialogue. During the semester, students work in groups in order to realize a collaborative project, followed by a public presentations or special events (the contents and forms] of the final project will be discussed during the seminar).
The course is primarily directed towards Erasmus students as well as local students of the Intermedia and Fine Art Theory and Curatorial Studies departments, but students from other departments are warmly welcome.
The Spring  semester of Mapping the Local focuses on artistic and other forms of  interventions in the city. During the seminar we will look for different types of interventions, and we will discuss how this gesture can  be used as an artistic tool. Group and individual works will be elaborated by the end of the course.



Gloria Iacono, Ananda Colebras, Emil Pilavsky, Pascal Lorenz, Letizia Liguori, Lucie Frycova, Ángyán Gergely, Für Johanna, Huszár Ildikó, Marton Zita Diána, Solymár Fanni Róza, Szabó Nóra, Szilágyi Róza Tekla, Téglásy Lili Berta