2011/12 spring


Maria Inęs Afonso: Have a nice day, intervention in public space, 2012 // Vendégjárás! - flat exhibition map


The seminar presents an overview of the major phenomena, trends and issues of contemporary art based on various subjects in each semester in the form of presentations held by invited lecturers and field trips to museums, institutions and artist studios.

While offering an insight into the Hungarian contemporary art scene, one of the course's main objectives is to develop personal contacts and cultural interactions between local and visiting students fostering an emerging intercultural dialogue. During the semester, students work in groups in order to realize a collaborative project followed by an exhibition (contents and forms of the final project to be discussed during the seminar).

The course is primarily directed towards Erasmus students as well as local students of the Intermedia and Fine Art Theory and Curatorial Studies departments, but students from other departments are warmly welcome.

The course was inititated and led by a scholar and an artist, Zoltán Kékesi and Szabolcs KissPál in 2011, since 2014 is being led by the curator Eszter Lázár (Curatorial Studies Dpt.), and the artists Szabolcs KissPál and Allan Siegel (Intermedia Dpt.).


related events 

Vendégjárás! / Guest walk - flat exhibition

Vendégjárás is an exhibition by a collective of international and Hungarian students. It was a special exhibition experience, where the viewers were guided to the venues - each Erasmus student flats - by the participating artists, where the works were exhibited which they made during their stay in Budapest.

More informations and the documentation is available here: