Tihany International Postgraduate Program, Tihany, Hungary
Goldsmiths College, London - Hungarian University of Fine Arts

TIPP - Tihany International Postgraduate Program is an international collaborative research initiative between the Visual Arts Department at Goldsmiths College, London and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The program includes symposiums, intensive courses, conferences, artist-in-residencies, exhibitions and other events as well as the production of publications. Our aim is to create an international forum for artists to explore the creative diversity of contemporary fine art practice and the nature of the critical discourse, which surrounds it.

The courses also provide a chance to have access to the experience of the teaching staff from both Goldsmiths and the Hungarian University in Budapest and can serve as an introduction to postgraduate study at either institution. The teaching techniques we use have been developed by Goldsmiths College over the last 18 years and exemplify an approach that is deeply critical, whilst also being irreverent and playful. The courses are ideal for those who are considering returning to postgraduate education after a break or those who wish to have an intensive period of reflection and discussion around their current practice. In this sense the teaching is centred around the participants' individual needs. Tutors and lecturers in previous programmes were: Attila Csorgo, Beata Veszely, David Mabb, David Wilkinson, Hugh Mulholland, Janos Sugar, Jeremy Millar, Kate Smith, Kisvarso, Miklos Erhardt, Saki Satom, Dr. Suhail Malik, Susan Taylor, Szabolcs Kisspal, Orshi Drozdik, Akos Birkas and others.

The programs are mainly situated at the newly renovated premises of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Tihany, where participants have the opportunity to experience art, theory and debate away from its usual urban environment. In locating TIPP this way, a uniquely open atmosphere is created. From experience we have found that the opportunity for more relaxed social interaction between participants directly contributes to freer expression and sharing of ideas and a more open forum for debate.

TIPP Academic Board of Curators
Professor Gerard Hemsworth, Director of Postgraduate Studies in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Professor Brian Falconbridge, Head, Sir John Cass Department of Arts, Media & Design, London Metropolitan University, Professor Ádám Farkas, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Beáta Veszely, Director of TIPP.