Calendar is a multiplatform recollection of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, “which – without any false modernity - remembers and is built on those predecessors whose footsteps we follow.” 1. It is like turning over the pages of a photo album on a late summer night and starting every sentence with the phrase: “ Do you remember when …?”; and even though it sounds like a question, its real meaning is more like, “Do not forget it!” The anthropomorphic mouthpieces of memory are the permanent members of the editorial board: József Mélyi, professor of the Art Theory Department of the university; Miklós Peternák, professor of the Intermedia Department; Kitti Klaudia Harmati, graphic art student of the university; and also the discoverers who flash a light on the ever-changing shreds of memory.
Calendar is a weekly series the content of which ranges from the neglected past to the soap opera swept under the carpet, as if this time the psychiatrist asked the university the hundred-million-dollar question: “Can you tell me what happened to you in your childhood?” Among other things, the series will reveal e.g. the relationship between the Epreskert calvary and a colouring software gifted with artificial intelligence, and what the professors thought 50 years ago of the art students who became famous “too soon”.
You will be able to follow the posts of the Calendar on three platforms: on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and the webpage of MKE150.

1 Quote from the inaugural speech of rector József Somogyi, 30. 09. 1974.