Assignment: develop a special scenario for an online presentation that reflects the structure and experience of the block seminar.


At the end of the course, we needed to find a method to showcase and summarize the collaborative and performative process of the LAB seminar to an external audience consisting of our institutional tender partners. In order to achieve this, we asked the students for their input and together we developed a scenario for the final online presentation.

Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of an opportunity provided by the HfBK, one of our research partner universities, since they had launched a program called ‘peers’n’differences’, consisting of hybrid public lectures where students presented their own research. Nonetheless this not only provided a platform for our students to present their work but allowed for public reflection and feedback as well. The program was designed to help students improve their artistic and research abilities and engage in collaborative processes that support their research and reflection.

During our final presentation, each HUFA LAB student presented one of the assignments that inspired them the most, and was considered by them to be the most closely related to their own artistic research. In order to facilitate this, we designed a shared studio with a table where we all sat around a laptop with a live video feed in the center. The streaming laptop with the camera then was turned around, panning freely in 360 degrees – to showcase the presentation of any of the speaking students, a visual performance that was also broadcasted online.